The region MURCIA with his beautiful COSTA CALIDA is worth a journey, not only for tourists, but also for golf players. Since the mid-70s this region has been attractive to golfer all around the world. MURCIA and its COSTA CALIDA have a lot to offer with two airports one in MURCIA and one in Alicante, the traveler is flexible; both airports are close to the COSTA CALIDA. Once in the area, the golfer has a difficult time to decide which of the numerous golf courses to choose from. Best one has enough time in order to get to know some of them, some of them are even internationally recognized courses. MURCIA has the highest amount of golf courses in comparison to the rest of the country.

In MURCIA the birthplace of golf is in TORRE PACHECO. The golf club TORRE PACHECOcelebrated in 2013 his 25-year existence. Known personalities from politics as far as professional golfers congratulated the club. Nobody wanted to miss the opportunity to pay their tribute to a club with such a long history.

The different golf courses have been created for example by Dave Thomas, Severiano Ballesteros or Jack Nicklaus. They were all internationally recognized golf players who successfully started designing golf courses.


Now a days, golf courses with 18-hole and 24-hole are standard golf courses. They are strategically placed at important points of the COSTA CALIDA, MURCIA.Some of these golf courses have been already venues of big world-wide tournaments. Many of these golf courses offer also accommodations such as APARTMENTS, BUNGALOWS, TOWNHOUSES, VILLASas well as 5* Hotels. To be able to offer such a multiplicity of accommodations and golf courses the infrastructure has to be impeccable in order to commute between the different points of interest. All Resorts are perfectly connected with each other by a well-developed road system. The roads within the COSTA CALIDA are short with a maximum of 15-minute trips whether it is to the golf course or to the beach.

The COSTA CALIDA offers all kinds of possibilities to relax whether it is the beach, the golf club or in a Golf Resort like MAR MENOR, in TORRE PACHECO with LOS ALCAZARES – MURCIA. Here some of the golf courses for your next stay: LA MANGA CLUB which itself is divided in several other clubs, such as Club Campo Norte, LA MANGA CLUB CAMPO SUR, LA MANGA CLUBCAMPO OESTE and the LORCA RESORT GOLF CLUB which also is being divided into MAR MENOR GOLF CLUB, PERALEJA GOLF, RODA GOLF RESORT and SAURINES GOLF. Those are the once which are divided into several golf clubs. There are also other Golf Clubs such as“EL VALLE GOLF”, “ALHAMA SIGNATURE GOLF”, “LA TORRE GOLF” and “HACIENDA DEL ALAMO GOLF CLUB, to mention some of them.