Welcome to LOS ALCAZARES and LOS NAREJOS! Because of their geographical setting they are listed to be one of the best areas to go on holidays or even to have a permanent residence. The Infrastructure has gone through major developments, giving easy access to the two larger airports MURCIAALICANTE and a smaller one in SAN JAVIER. The infrastructure has been developed to be one of the best in Europe.

The MAR MENOR PORT OF SPORTS can be seen as an institution with more than 60 years of experience. Sailing is a major sport of the region and possesses nowadays the best skippers in the class “laser” and “cruser”. The team consists for example of Vice World Champion in the division laser 4.7 – Rafa de la Hoz, World Champion 2014 in the 420 class –Jose Manuel Ruiz as well as Ramon Illan and Maribel Sivera, the Vice World Champions of ORC.  In addition, this institution is very much involved in helping people with disabilities. The nautical sport supports the Association for the treatment of Cerebral Paralysis and related medical conditions.

On top of it LOS ALCAZARESLOS NAREJOS have a sport center called “Infanta Cristina” which known for training and for having federations, clubs or teams throughout the preseason or during competitions to achieve high performance. This center is dedicated to everything that has to do with world of sports. Training athletes and pushing them to even higher levels as well as developing classes of orientation in the field of sport. Conducting seminars and workshops is as important as giving classes for the Masters or anything else related to sport.


The beaches of the MAR MENOR are not only interesting regarding sport but also the waters are worth to be mentioned because of their chemical characteristics are they considered very healthy.
Due to the high concentration of iodine and salt, the absence of waves and little depth of the water (max. 7 meters) as well as the temperatures throughout the year all those factors are beneficial for the health.

After analyzing the water it is clear that the measured ionic concentrations of some elements (such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, bromine, iodine and fluorine) are superior to the ones usually found in the Mediterranean. The spa treatments include saline waters and the application of peat packs elimination toxic particles, activating the blood system and easing muscular (cases of stress) and many other health issues.


There are seven kilometers of coastline from the south to the north distributed into following beaches: PLAYA DE LAS SALINAS, PLAYA DE LOS NAREJOS, PLAYA DE LAS PALMERAS, PLAYA DEL ESPEJO, PLAYA DE MANZANERAS, PLAYA DE CAMON and LA PLAYA DE LA CONCHA.

But we do not only offer beaches we also have the accommodation to choose from.
There are lots of hotels at your disposition such as HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL, HOTEL COAST NAREJOS, HOTEL 525, HOTEL CALMS GOLF, HOTEL SERENA GOLF,SPA HOTEL TORRE PACHECO, HOTEL CRISTINA and HOTEL LOS NAREJOS just to mention some of them, but of course there are many more. For your leisure LOS ALCAZARES has many places to offer. From Night clubs to English pubs, bars as well as coffee shops or restaurants. Some of the best places to have a fun night out or to dine can be found here, for example RESTAURANT RAMON or the RESTAURANT THE COURT to mention two.

In a small area you can find the most important supermarkets which are MERCADONA, LAS VELAS, LIDY, ARBOL and CONSUM.
All in all you will find everything you need to make your life worthwhile en LOS ALCAZARES-LOS NAREJOS, whether you decide to spend your vacation here or to take residence.